Mission and History

About us

Cyber fraud affects one in eight small businesses annually. This results in fraudulent losses estimated at nearly £20bn. PC Dial began in 2011, born out of identifying the struggles that SMEs have keeping up with modern IT systems and security packages. Not only that, we identified the troubles caused by some IT firms installing substandard software and not providing adequate aftercare.

We felt we could provide something different.

By researching and implementing the best tools available (from security maintenance, backup systems and remote support software), we are able to proactively combat IT security issues before they become a serious threat, thus preventing common faults before they happen. With services such as ‘GoToAssist’ and ‘F-Secure’ security products, we are able to react immediately to any customer problems, in the majority of the cases without the need to visit the customer’s premises.

Meet the Team



I got bitten by the tech bug when I was just 11 years old when I was bought my first computer (a Sinclair ZX80). I’ve been playing with technology ever since. I trained in both electrical engineering at Weston College and as an auto electrician right here in Bristol. My first professional role as an IT support technician was in the automotive accident repair industry, providing support to customers from small ‘one-man-bands’ to large national and international insurance companies such as Zurich Insurance and AXA. Whilst there, I continued to train and secured my Microsoft qualifications. After eight years I decided to start up Auxillio Solutions. Having faced redundancy in a volatile business market, I was still constantly being asked for my services and advice, so I set up Auxillio to meet the demand. Self-employment wasn’t initially planned, however I found myself looking after many of my old clients and day by day the business continued to grow. Many of the clients I helped 19 years ago, I still look after today at PC Dial. Away from the monitor, I enjoy spending time with my family, motorcycle touring, water-skiing and wakeboarding, mountain biking and techy gadgets (of course)!



I have been interested in technology from an early age, the first piece of equipment I had to myself was the PlayStation One. Since then I’ve always been hooked on technology, trying out new equipment and getting things to work in wonderful ways. Since finishing full time education, my first job working in the IT sector was for a Comet Call Centre dealing with the computer and tablet issues for home customers. I then looked for an apprenticeship with a company that maintained school networks to advance my knowledge of computers, this exposed me to technology such as Servers, Switches and Audio and Visual devices such as Projectors and Interactive Whiteboards. The apprenticeship gave me my first qualifications with Microsoft, including MTA in networking fundamentals, Windows operating system fundamentals, and other well-known industry qualifications such as CompTia.Since joining PCDial my knowledge is always increasing from exposure to different technologies and software. For example I have recently completed certification in F-Secure security products. Due to the diverse nature of PCDial’s customers. The choices of technology differs this can be challenging but rewarding. I have also taught myself many new skills such as website coding/design learning languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP (Don’t want to bore you). The next task, I am planning is learning mobile app coding/design for Android devices.